What was the worst thing you saw today?


What was the worst thing you saw today?
I saw a Disney High school musical stage show for kids in the shopping centre, eurgh.

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my next door neighbour walkin round his garden butt naked eeeeuuuuggghhhh


A naked guy as an avatar.

I’m not showing you the link because I don’t want you to suffer


I saw a butcher hang a mother cow upside down and slit her throat until all the blood gushed out. Every time you eat carcass (meat), you eat the misery, the torture and the blood of your fellow earthlings.


My c-r-a-p floating in the toilet :T


your face


my step dad…


This fat guy at my school walking around the tennis courts wearing only a Speedo. Okay.


The only thing I saw…that was good..was a bunch of people having a good time with their dogs at a Dog expo. It was just for fun, and everyone had a great time. So I take it that was my worse thing…and I liked that to be greatly honest….people having fun.

ye v


one hot mamma

a grasshopper on the sidewalk. i hate grasshoppers


Seeing an EMO quiz/advertisement in the margins of the main page of YAHOO! ANSWERS.


Well, I have a newborn and I was burping him and he spat up in my cleavage. That was kind of sh*tty.

Natalia A

wizards of waverly place today on tv. hate that frikin show

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Um…Nothing today really. Yesterday I was walking with my best friend and this guy was fixing a porch and his shirt got lifted up then I saw his belly…Huge. White. VERY hairy.

Maggie M

this question


uuummm, i dont know, i havent seen anything bad today


it wasnt bad, but pretty funny. bad for him thogh.

I had to go to Peterson Park at8:00 am. (picture day) my soccer team’s game was at 9;30 ( we were playing the boys, so we watched the current game.) anyway one of the players got the ball and another dude from the other team was going at him. anyway, i guess guy #1 was trying to pass it to his teammate, but it hit guy #2 instead. not in the stamach. a little bit lower, if you catch my drift. he fell on the ground and rolled up in a ball on the ground. It made the loudest noise when it hit him. I think it hurt a lot. I feel bad for him. I feel on the floor too…………………

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