Does anyone know of any stage musicals with an African theme?


Does anyone know of any stage musicals with an African theme?
I am creating a stage show with music from each continent but I am a bit stuck on Africa. Obviously there is the Lion King and Aida but I can’t think of any more. If you think of any musicals on screen or even musicals that have just one African themed song, please mention it. I will take what I can get.




There was one in the Wizard of Oz classic with Judy Garland. They cut the scene but if you can find an original uncut version, they had a scene with her and the Hotten Tots. Little midgets dressed up in black face. They sang a song about the Hotten Tots. They were a group of pygmies that lived in Oz. The studio cut it because it’s not very PC or racially prudent these days. Ted Turner may own it now.


Fela! Is pretty popular at the moment. Just remember with African, it’s more about story telling and dance than it is about the traditional musical. You could probably find a lot of information on African dance and work with that.


There was a very obscure musical called “Timbuktu”, which was essentially “Kismet”
set in Mali.


Fela! and The Book of Mormon. And I suppose you might find some inspiration in Once on this Island

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