Is there a HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL stage show at WALT DISNEY WORLD this month?


Is there a HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL stage show at WALT DISNEY WORLD this month?
We’re hoping to catch some good attractions for teens during our Disney vacation in Orlando. Is there a High School Musical production at MGM maybe?




There is a High School Musical Parade/Show at MGM (now call Hollywood Studios) I’m not sure what it is called but all of the performers come out on a float and then they stop and perform some songs from the movie and at the end they get kids out there to do stuff.

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As of the latest information, the High School Musical 2 show is closed and High School Musical 3 is scheduled to begin on October 24th. Those dates can change.
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The above poster is right. Walt Disney World plans to bring out a new sidewalk show to coincide with the new High School Musical 3 movie due out this fall on October 24th.

The show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, also to be called “High School Musical 3, Senior Year” will open the same date as the movie, Oct. 24, and will reflect the movie’s themes and story line.

The previous show’s last day was Sept. 13. Many of its cast and crew are expected to be involved in the next show.


High School the Musical is being retooled right now so that it will include the High School Musical 3 Songs.

It will be really fun when it returns!

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