Where Can I Find High School Musical Stage Music?
My theater is doing a few scenes from High School Musical ,the stage show and not the movie, we need Status Quo, We’re All In This Together, and Cellular Fusion. If you could give me a hand I’d appreciate it.


Get a high quality karaoke version, try karaoke.com or acekaraoke.com. Don’t buy anything w/out listening first, there are many crummy karaoke discs out there,

Can you suggest what musical stage plays are more than 75 years older and are now in public domain?
Do you have any idea what musical stage plays can be done in public performance but will not require intellectual or property rights from the producer?


Answer by barco
The answer is ALMOST NONE. Pirates of Penzance was from 1898 and that is the oldest one I can think of.



OH KAY.. 1926






You will have to do some of your own research on GOOGLE to come up with some more… I know they are out there.. but that is more work than I care to do.

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Good Luck

What is the appropriate business casual attire(for ladies) to wear for musical stage plays?
I am about to watch one of the most popular stage shows, “The Phantom of the Opera” at The Venetian on Las Vegas Strip. I’ve watched other stage plays before but this one seems more special. The dress code is business casual. I wonder what do most people wear in an event like this one. I need more specific answers to my question. Seosubmit


What was the worst thing you saw today?
I saw a Disney High school musical stage show for kids in the shopping centre, eurgh.

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